Another Trip To Cabela’s

This past Monday Brad and I had gone to meet with one of his Doctors at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio and finishing early, stopped and met Randy at Rogelio’s Mexican Restaurant for another fine lunch, Driving back home, Brad said, “Dad, why don’t we stop at Cabela’s.” Enough said, even though we had stopped there 2 weeks ago!

Driving in, the parking lot was almost half full and this at 1:30 PM on a work day. Once inside we headed for the gun department and most of the crowd, truly a testament to diversity, was there. Signs were up to the effect that they couldn’t keep adequate supplies of reloading supplies. I wonder why? We even had to take a number.

We bought some .22 bullets and Brad stepped up and bought a single action, .22/.22 mag. pistol. Since Brad has a “carry permit” this transaction went quickly. When you buy a gun there, you check out at a register in the gun department and, for the appearance of safety, the salesman walks you out of the store. As we were walking out, our salesman leaned over to me and said, “We’ve been Obamanized for over a month.” I smiled and walked on to Brad’s truck.

It looks like the folks in central Texas are stocking up for the long haul!