Finally Rain

Monday night I had gone to the Goldthwaite High School Booster Club meeting to watch the film taken October 10th of us playing Reagan County in football.  We won the game (again), but when I got home, Layla told me that she had counted 29 deer browsing in the field behind our house and that’s a lot of deer!

We had 6, plus inches of rain last Saturday night and Sunday morning, not a real drought breaker, but enough to fill the stock tanks, get the creeks running and even getting the Colorado River flowing again!  The rain revived the Johnson grass in our field and, in turn, stimulated the forbs and deer browse, drawing the deer like magnets.

Thursday night, sitting on our back porch, I got these “shots” in total of 19 deer, since the camera lens wasn’t wide enough to capture all them.  This “shot” is of 5, not joining the big “herd”, browsing along the fence line.

This “shot” shows 14 deer, count ‘em, out in the field.  Every evening there are anywhere from a dozen to the 29 that Layla saw, they come from all around!