Deer Season Opener, 2009

Because Layla told me Friday night that I should try her blind, Maw-Maw’s Blind, for my brief opening morning hunt, like a good husband, I did what I was told. After an hour and only seeing a yearling, deer, I called it quits. Then I was off to watch Grandkids and their athletic adventures.

Getting back in time for the afternoon hunt, I didn’t see any horns, but I got some nice, “shots” of deer gathered around the feeder close to a tree stand. Seeing probably a dozen does and yearlings this just whetted my appetite.

Sunday morning Sara, Brad’s Daughter, and her boyfriend, J.T. came over from Copperas Cove and went to Church with me. After a good lunch at Peabody’s, a local caf©, recognized around our fine State for their cakes, pies and good food, we went back to the ranch and spent the afternoon shooting, so no hunting Sunday.

This morning Layla will fly out of Killeen to attend a softball executives meeting, so no hunting then. However, this afternoon I’ll be back in the tree stand and maybe I’ll get a real shot!