A New Deer Season

Yesterday morning, when I got up and looked out of our kitchen window, not over a hundred yards away, two bucks had been fighting right out in the field behind our house! The loser walked, dejectedly away, with head down, across the field. To claim the prize, the winner ran up to the fence, but a bigger buck was already courting the doe that had caused the earlier skirmish. The two ran away into the thick stuff and the “winner” resumed his search for a hot, doe.

Of course, my camera was in my office in the old ranch, house!

I’ve heard that the best blind is on your porch, maybe not this morning, because I”m in the “Corner Blind”, at least until 9:00 AM, then I’m off to San Marcos to see a Grandson play football and then back to Killeen (if the game, postponed from Thursday, will be played at all) to watch a Granddaughter, who is a cheerleader.

Maybe I’ll get back in time for the afternoon hunt?