Deer Season, January 3, 2013

The Christmas Holidays and New Year celebrations have passed, the world didn’t end on December 21st and everything is relatively normal except for the cold!  It’s bone-chilling cold around here, the high today is a whopping 38, it was 22 this morning and the forecast is for a winter storm to come in this evening.  The weather forecasters are predicting rain changing to snow so tomorrow we might have a white January 4th, (that’s a pun on white Christmas).

I went over to Mickey’s house today and found him hard at work on his taxidermy business, today he figured he was half way through with this year’s crop of heads.  My big one will be ready on the 25th and the final results are in, it was 5-1/2 years old and scored on the B&C 142.5.  Bragging, it was the biggest one out of the over 120 he had to finish!

Randy came up from San Marcos on Monday, hunted Tuesday morning with Rebecca with no luck then took Sean out in the afternoon and Sean shot a spike.  Due to a miscommunication with ‘Becca he had to be home on Wednesday so she could attend a drill team line, dance lesson.  Wednesday morning it was 24 degrees, the spike was frozen almost solid so I loaded it in the back of my pickup and took it to the processor.

Here’s the spike he shot, it’s the one in the background.

Randy and Sean looking for the spike that had run about 50 yards into the thick stuff.

The season closes at sundown on January 6th, then on the 7th a special season, running for 2 weeks, for spike and doe begins and, maybe, I’ll go out and get me the other spike!