Deer Season, December 9, 2012

This afternoon, Sunday the 9th, we had a doozie of a norther come in!  Forecasts are for the temps around here are 26 to 28 and, of course, it came in dry, compounding our drought conditions.  In fact, this past October/November was the driest since 1926, they had 56 straight days without rain and we’re on 48 and still counting.  October was a bad one too, the driest month on record and we had a whopping .2 inches of moisture!  Until today, we’ve been under a heat wave, one small front came through dropping the temps to the upper 30’s, but it only lasted a day and a half, it was beginning to seem like we’d have a perpetual summer!

Back to the deer season, Tim Came over this past Thursday and shot a doe and no, I didn’t take a picture.  The count now is 2 bucks, mine that scored 142.5 B&C and Tim shot one probably a 125, and he said, “It shrunk on the ground!”.  Here’s a “shot” of a wounded doe on December 4th, she’s carrying her leg very funny and it looks like the shot hit her on the upper leg.  We’ll have to get busy and find her, then put her out of misery.

Here’s a “shot”, look to the upper left of the trough, of an armadillo stretching and getting a drink.  The water trough has been there a long time and I’ve had a game cam there for over a year, since our big drought, and this is the first ‘dillo that’s been around.

We’re getting a lot of different animals coming for water, this bobcat came strolling by the trough, obviously to get water, but the camera is set on one “shot” per minute and missed the drink part.