Deer Season, December 13, 2012

Our norther came in hard on last Sunday, dropping temps Monday morning to 19 or 20 depending on where you lived.  Tuesday wasn’t much better, 24 and no wind, I’m surprised that as hard as the wind was blowing on Monday morning that the temps got that low!  Our drought continues though, the front came through dry, but thankfully we had dew the past few mornings (ha-ha).

Colton and I went deer hunting this past Tuesday, the 11th, I went to a stand that Tim had helped me to move last Saturday.  It was cold and the wind was blowing, of course, I saw nothing, way too soon after moving it, but I did scope out all I all the limbs that I would have to cut to get some fields of fire.  Colton, on the other hand, saw 7, a mixture of yearlings, doe and button bucks, shooting neither.  It appears that the doe have cut last years crop of young and have concentrated on running with the bucks.

However, there are still some good bucks running around, some really good ones as these “shots” from the game cams show, the last two show “Big Daddy”, he’s still around, in fact, I saw him at lunch today.  It was “buck city” around my ranch at noon and as I was going to town to eat, one was running down the road, then a buck, not 2-1/2 years old ran across the road, jumped the fence and as I looked to the left, there was “Big Daddy”, standing in a clearing, his rack was pristine, no points broken off, deciding that I was a threat, he wheeled around back into the thick stuff!

Hopefully, these bucks will make it to next season!