Deer Season, December 9, 2011

Real winter, 2 weeks early, has finally arrived in central Texas! It all started this past Saturday with heavy winds from the southeast, then the wind came roaring back from the northwest, not the 100 milers they had in California, but good strong wind and, praise the Lord, rain, almost 3 inches!

Friday afternoon, sitting in the Porta-Potty Blind I had a hot doe come by, soon a young 6 pointer, probably 1-1/2 to 2 years old, came by and he showed absolutely no interest in the doe. He wasn’t a shooter so I passed on him. Then, in the dark when I was walking back to my truck, I heard her bawling, the sound just like my “doe in heat” call.

Ignoring the impending storm lurking in the northwest, Colton and I went out Saturday afternoon, and seeing nothing except one small doe, we came in after dark and I settled down to watch the Oklahoma, Oklahoma State football game. By the way State killed and buried Oklahoma, too much offense! During the game, here came the storm with fog, thunder, lightning and a light rain that carried on through Sunday afternoon, but it also brought the cold weather.

Monday, the fog lifted, the temp outside was 27, cold feet weather, and I thought this would be a good time to get my truck serviced. On our gravel road, driving back from town, we saw 7 deer, one an 8 pointer, but he wasn’t chasing a doe. This made up my mind that if the deer were moving, I was going hunting! Shielded form the wind, sitting in the Porta-Potty Blind, despite my mohair socks, the cold was seeping into my work boots and not seeing anything, finally I called Layla and asked her to come out and pick me up.

Having wet and cold boots, I thought the first thing would be to clean them with some KIWI Saddle Soap and then put on a liberal dose of KIWI Heavy Duty Water Repellent. This won’t make them any warmer, but it sure will deflect the moisture! If you want any more info on their products visit KIWI at You can also become a fan of their Facebook page at I’ve used their products for ages!

The skies are clearing and now the really cold stuff will follow, forecast for Tuesday night is 25, this will keep me in bed Wednesday morning, maybe I’ll go out Wednesday afternoon?