Deer Season, December 24, 2011

Today, as this is being read, Colton and I are in MaMaw’s blind awaiting the arrival of either one of the 2 fine bucks that graced this corn/protein feeder yesterday morning.  First to arrive at 7:32 AM, (still haven’t fixed Daylight Saving on this box) was “Pot Belly”.  He’s an old buck, Mickey Donahoo, a taxidermist, guessed his age at 7 or 8.

He fed for over thirty minutes then at 8:06, a new buck came up with similar looking horns, maybe “Pot Belly’s” son?  This buck, not as hefty as his probable sire, had been wounded in the chest, not life threatening, but he has never been sighted in camera “shots” or visually.

They fed for a short time, then “Wounded” buck moved off, leaving “Pot Belly” alone to browse and he stayed around for a total of 30 minutes.
We will be waiting, in ambush, well before sun up and, hopefully, we’ll harvest either one of these fine bucks!