Late Tuesday afternoon I was driving to Lockhart to watch my Grandson, Austin’s, first middle school football game. Kickoff was scheduled for 7:00 PM, but since the first game, B-teamers, finished early, Austin’s game started early and I didn’t get there until half time. Austin’s team, the San Marcos Diamondbacks, were on the short end of an 8-0 score. Just before half time, the Lockhart Lions had driven one in to take the lead..

The second half started with the Diamondbacks driving in for what looked like a score, but a fumble stopped them on the Lions 20 yard line. The Lions then ran 2 plays and then, their big (and fast) tailback exploded around end for a long score. The extra point was missed and we were now down 14-0. No one could catch the big back so Austin was moved from linebacker to free safety, but the big guy never broke another long one

The Diamondbacks then started another long drive and on second and short, the quarterback lofted a long pass for the split end, Austin, who had run a perfect ‘corner’ pattern, freezing the safety, and was all alone for an easy score, but he missed the pass. Three plays later the Diamondbacks scored with Austin getting a clearing block and the extra point was run in making the score 14-8.

After the game I told Austin, “Sometimes you miss a pass, but not to worry, you’ll catch a lot more than you miss!” We’ve all been there; a fumble, an out with the bases loaded, a missed serve, the ball rims the bucket, the world record fish throws the hook or buck fever attacks! He’ll learn from this one and only get better!