Book Publishing

The following story about “The End Of The Line” was written by Tammarrah Pledger, Associate Editor of the Goldthwaite Eagle newspaper and appeared in the April 8th edition.

“Mills County Man Has First Book Published

Local man Jon Bryan said he started writing for his children. Now that he’s had a book published, however, everyone can enjoy his work. “The End of the Line,” is Bryan’s first published book, although he’s been writing in various forms for many years, he said.€ƒ

Born and raised in Houston, Bryan earned a business degree from the University of Houston in 1959. He is a fifth-generation Texan, and spent his business career in the computer industry. “Most of the jobs I’ve had have entailed a lot of writing,” Bryan told The Eagle. So, although he didn’t go to school for writing, per say, he always did the writing needed for his jobs, and many times for his coworkers, too.

Although this is Bryan’s first published book, he has been published other places. He is a staff writer for “Water and Woods,” an online magazine, and has also had articles published here in The Eagle, as well as the “Buckmasters” Web site and magazine. Bryan also has other book projects in the works, he said. He said his children told him they wanted him to record all his wild stories and events of his life, which is what got him started on the path to writing books. In 2005, he began by editing a book by his Great Uncle, Lee Wallace, “A Waif Of The Times”, copyrighted in 1946. During the editing thought to him self, Hey, I can do this too! This started his second career as a writer.

“The End of the Line,” Bryan said is a compilation of true stories that happened to him. “Half of the people (in the book) are still alive,” he joked. In his own words, Bryan said the book “Is more than a collection of fishing stories. Famous people turn up unexpectedly, times change, equipment changes, techniques change, smugglers are captured and arrested, and the reader is subjected to some of the worst and most dangerous weather boaters can encounter.”

Of the writing experience in general, Bryan had this to say: “Over the past nine months, I have been involved in one of the most rewarding projects that I have ever tackled – having a book published! It became a full-time job. Where do you find the time to be active in your church? Where do you find the time to take part in your Grandchildren’s sports? Where do you find time to hunt and fish? Where do you find time to play senior softball? Where do you find time to do all the chores around the ranch?” He continued, “Managing and balancing everything was a challenge. But now, seeing my name on the cover, re-reading some of the stories and holding the book in my hands, it was all worth it!”

“The End of the Line,” published by RoseDog Publishing out of Pittsburgh, Pa., hit shelves in late January of this year. Bryan said it is all so new, so he hasn’t received much feedback just yet. He has a few copies of his own, and copies are available through RoseDog, he noted.

Currently, Bryan is working on other book projects. He said that the next to be ready, a compilation of all of his hunting experiences is “Why It Is Called Hunting”. Other books he’s working on include one about storms and extreme weather events he’s experienced, and one about his family’s history and genealogy.

When he’s not writing, Bryan finds time to be active in his church, he said, as well a his grandchildren’s athletics, his blog Outdoor Odyssey, hunting and fishing, and senior softball where his team has won National Championships in 2002, 2003, and 2008. He is a member of the Texas Senior Softball Hall of Fame, and the Softball Players Association Hall of Fame. He and his wife, Layla, have owned property in Mills County since 1992, he said, and they retired to the Texas Hill Country in 2005.”