A Tribute To Brad, April 16, 2010

Yesterday I talked on the phone with S/Sgt Charles Bunyard. S/Sgt. Bunyard, Charles, himself wounded multiple times, is assigned to the Wounded Warrior Brigade at Ft. Hood and was Brad’s platoon sergeant, during the last stages of his battle with cancer. Charles also happens to be a native Texan, from Liberty, Texas and is very familiar with the Trinity River bottom area around the Kennifick Fire Tower, the scene of two of my earlier posts, “[An Unusual Catch]” and “[Four Wheel Drive And A Hand Winch]”.

Brad had spent a lot of time at the rifle range sharpening up Charles’ skills and this time was certainly well spent! Charles let me know that next Monday he was off to Ft. Benning for a months’ training with the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU). Previously his shooting skills had gotten him an assignment with The University of Texas, Marksmanship Team and his solid progress helped him win a spot in the Para Military Olympics. The events will be held in May in Colorado Springs.

Charles will shoot prone, kneeling and standing and, with the approval of his and Brad’s Commanding Officer, has dedicated his participation in these events to Brad, who was a former member of the AMU.

A fitting tribute!