Blue Bonnets ‘n Cactus

Texans love their bluebonnets!

Thinking that after the scorcher we had last summer, we probably wouldn’t see many bluebonnets this spring, but the pretty flowers are everywhere.  Around our place, however, they are “few and far between” and only 4 had come up.  Here’s a pic of our 4 bluebonnets that came up by our driveway.

Then, yesterday afternoon, Layla was riding with me and we went to check out our corn/protein feeder and change the card out in the game cam.  Not 50 yards in our front, out walked a turkey hen, stopping to get a better look, she was probably already bred and out feeding.  No camera of course, so we picked up the card, then decided to take the back way around to our house.

Driving along, all of a sudden we were clothed in bluebonnets, on both sides of the trail.  Bluebonnets on our place, exciting, and me with no camera, but as quick as it took, back to the old ranch house, I got my camera, then back to the blue bonnets.

Bluebonnets and prickly pear cactus are pictured below.
Bluebonnets, Spanish daggers and more prickly pear.

Bluebonnets and mesquite trees are pictured below.

After all, we had a lot of bluebonnets on our place, a real beautiful flower, our State flower that always reminds me of my Aunt Lenora Bryan Peters, and her paintings of bluebonnets, how she captured the beauty of a field full of them.  This Texans loves my bluebonnets!