An Update On Brad, March 3, 2009

On Feb. 23rd, Brad and I visited his doctor at Ft. Hood. This is the same doc that found and diagnosed Brad’s cancer in 2005. For the past 6 weeks Brad has been experiencing back pain and the docs have been unable to identify the cause and we expected this visit to offer some solutions.

The doc examined Brad’s throat, but then he got real serious. He told us that there was a small bump, about the size of the end of a pencil eraser on the right side of his throat, approximately where the August 1, 2005 major surgery and follow on radiation had been performed. He told us that he couldn’t identify anything about the bump until he did a biopsy, but he wanted to remove the entire bump and not even bother with a biopsy.

He will use a laser scalpel that cauterizes as it cuts. He mentioned that the surgery wasn’t extensive, but it was best to completely remove the bump, before it grew then became a real problem.

His main concern was the healing process, since this spot is right where the radiation occurred. Because of the radiation and its lasting effect, healing will be slower than normal and Brad will have a sore throat for a time.

The surgery is scheduled for Friday, March 6, and we will know more then.

Please keep praying for Brad!