An Update On Brad, April 28, 2008

Two weeks ago, after cutting and splitting almost a cord of firewood, Brad and I went turkey hunting and I posted the story and this picture of him on my blog. At that time, I knew he was “doing” quite well!

This was confirmed to us on April 22, when we visited his radiologist and oncologist. Both were upbeat, much more than usual, his weight was up to 179 and he was feeling fine!

His last chemo treatment was the end of February and he had spent March having some specialized radiation treatments and his oncologist will begin a new series of relatively new treatments consisting of a low dose of a chemo drug, plus an antibody, Toxil. The antibody directly attacks the tumor cells.

Brad still has lung cancer, but his faith is extremely strong and he still expects a miracle!

Thank you for your prayers and keep praying!