A Personal Update

You talk about “cabin fever”! The last day of our State’s special doe/spike season January 17th, one of our Army friends, SFC. Tim Albee shot a nice doe, a fitting end to the season. Things kinda’ went down hill from there.

On January 20th I visited the Fondren Orthopedic Clinic in Houston to see the “El Primo” knee repair doc. Hoping that I could get away with a partial knee replacement, in no uncertain terms he told me that either in 2011 or 2012, I could come back and get a full one. My knee hurt all the way home!

Luckily from the 20th through the 27th I was able to get a lot of things done around the place. Things like spreading fireplace ashes on the garden, trimming the peach trees, tilling the garden, cutting and splitting firewood and finally, getting my onions planted.

Then it rained on Friday, the 28th. It not only rained, it flooded! Four and a half inches of rain left everything in a mess. Then on Saturday I had a relapse of “cedar fever” that left me in bed until this past Monday.

Still not recovered from my malady, late Tuesday afternoon, I got myself ready to go predator hunting. I even blew on my predator call several times, didn’t wheeze or cough and quickly pronounced myself well! That is until I told Layla where she could find me. Promptly, she told me that in five minutes she better find me back in bed! End of hunting adventure!

It started a misty rain Wednesday morning and has continued through Thursday, one and a half inches worth. My malady is better, the chance of rain is diminishing and, if it’s not too wet, on Friday, Mickey Donahoo and I will try to get in some practice time, however, six inches of rain over the past seven days makes this unlikely.

Saturday looks good for some outdoor activities like softball or predator hunting, but, more rain, thirty through sixty percent daily through next Saturday. Wow!

You talk about cabin fever!