A New Rifle

This past Tuesday, I went with Brad to San Antonio to visit his oncologist. His trip was successful and we finished up with the doc before 11:00 AM. Since we are both “gun nuts”, we decided to visit the new Bass Pro Shops, west of the city.

Asking the salesman to show us a Marlin, 917V, .17, HMR, cal rifle, we both admired it, and I decided why not just go ahead and buy one, which I did! Adding a 3X9 scope, sling and 2 boxes of Hornady,20 grain, bullets, I walked out of the store a new, proud owner of this neat, little rifle.

Brad is putting on the scope and sling and we will sight it in this weekend and I will have suitable pictures of the event.

Layla, congratulating me on my purchase, said, in jest I hope, “What you really needed was another gun!”