A Goose And Duck Lease

After spending 3+ years in Arizona, chasing Quail and Doves, and going Duck hunting infrequently, I was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia, a beautiful place to live, but with completely different outdoor opportunities. In Georgia I shot a lot of Quail, enjoyed the Speckled Trout fishing in Suwannee, Florida and caught some really nice Bass, including a twelve pounder, and my boys sharpened their Deer hunting skills. This stay lasted for another three years, and because of my Mother’s bad health, my company helped me to arrange a transfer back to Houston.

Besides getting on a Deer lease, a friend got me on a “special” Duck and Goose lease with fifteen other hunters, a 3600 acre lease on the Katy Prairie, less than twenty-five minutes from my new home in Cypress, Texas, a northwest Houston suburb. In 1980 the lease cost me $700 a year for Sept 1 to the end of Goose season access. Now if you could find a lease to get on it would cost $2,000.00 up, per gun and that is probably low!

The lease had over three thousand acres of cultivation, some woods, several flooded rice fields and two small lakes. I stayed on this lease for 4 years until the urban sprawl of metropolitan Houston, completely changed the hundreds or square miles of the Katy prairie.

But for now, I was back in the Duck and Goose business.

More to come on this lease.