A Family Affair

In September 1861, in a scene that was being acted out all across the South, two young Texans, Will Collins, 21 and Levi Sanders, 23, left their homes, wives and young children in Henderson County and rode their horses to Dallas. There, they enlisted for twelve months service in a sharpshooter company, Company I, 6th Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army. Col. B. Warren Stone signed up both. The Confederate Congress later extended their enlistment for the duration of the war.

Levi’s horse was worth $125.00 and his double barrel shotgun and Bowie knife were $25.00.

Levi, my maternal, Great Grandfather and Will, my Great Uncle, were brothers-in-law, Levi having married Susan, Will’s sister. They served together the rest of the war, getting sick with measles and mumps like most of the Texas troops. These men were tough and courageous but these two diseases hadn’t made it to Texas and easily swept through their camps.

In May and June, 1864, based on their service records, Levi was on special orders from Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk and Will was on detached service, his horse being unserviceable. There is a mention in their company’s reports that these men went back to Texas for horses and even came back with them!