A Day Off – The Misplaced Yearling

Missing 2 days of work and hunting this week being with my son Brad at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, I wasn’t going to do a post today, but something “neat” happened and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures and the post just “flowed”.


Skipping hunting this morning to get an early start on some plowing, I headed out to the shed where the tractor was parked and noticed 2 yearling Deer trying to get to their Mom who was on the other side of the fence that runs around our yard. They were hesitant to jump and nervously prancing back in forth. I left them thinking they would finally “courage up” and go over the fence.

When I came back from plowing I swapped the plow for a lifting implement and comingback into the yard, there was still one yearling on my side of the fence. Grabbing the camera, I snuck up on the yearling, hid behind a big mesquite tree and started clicking.


Just then some friends, Ted and Janet, drove up and the Deer, watching them closely, started moving toward me.


More clicks and zooming in for a close picture, the camera noises attracted the Deer’s attention.


Closing up the camera, I turned and walked into the house with our friends and came out about 30 minutes later, and lo and behold, the yearling was laying down in the shade of one of our oak trees and sneaking up behind Ted’s car I was able to get a picture of the yearling, resting.

I eased over to a storage building and put some oats into a pot, found another pot, filled it with water and placed both in some shade behind one of our pump houses.


We may have a pet Deer now. Quien sabe?