Whew, They Made It!

Now the 11 pointer that I shot on November 9th made a foolish mistake, he came to a grunt call, see my posts on November 12th, [“He Came To A Grunt Call”] and “[The Shooter]” on November 19th, both posts pertain to the buck in question. This buck didn’t make it to next year, in fact the buck won the Big Buck Contest sponsored by the Mills County General Store.

The first prize was a commemorative .22, lever action, rifle made by Henry Repeating Arms Company, this was a limited edition piece created by Historical Armory.  In fact I love Henry’s motto, “Made In America Or Not Made At All”!

Now to the bucks that made it to next year, the first is an 8 pointer, for some reason he doesn’t have a very muscular neck.  It’s late in the year around here, but he should have an enlarged neck, maybe it’s the camera angle?

Next is a 10 pointer, big neck and all, this will be a wonderful buck next year!

This one is an 8 pointer that has been seen several times around the feeders.  Notice this one has an enlarged neck,

The last, so far as game cams go, was originally a 7 pointer, 3-1/2 years old, with a big neck, but he’d been fighting, now he’s a 6.  This deer will be another good one next year, hung around the feeders until 2 weeks before the season began, then he was history!

Last is a big, bobcat.  This one’s cruising around the feeders trying to catch a squirrel or a ‘coon for lunch.