Since 2006 when the Democrats took control of the House and Senate, our Country has spiraled down a dangerous path; amnesty and immigration, high fuel prices, rising unemployment, bank failures, the completely manufactured ‘housing’ crisis, Government bail outs, and now, the election has become all about The Economy.

Today, the future of our nation as we know it hangs in the balance, and today, we vote and there are so many more crucial items that we should consider before casting our ballot. All of the following are extremely important to me and should be to everyone:

Second Amendment Rights and Gun Control
Halting Illegal Immigration
Reducing Our Reliance On Foreign Energy Sources
The Rights of The Unborn and Partial Birth Abortion
Judicial Appointments Including Supreme Court and Federal Judges
Free Speech and The Reimposing Of The ‘Fairness Doctrine’

Isn’t it strange that these topics were glossed over during the debates? I wonder why. We all know why, that it was because of Obama’s extremely liberal/socialistic/Marxist views of them!

I have already chosen to cling to my gun and my religion and have cast my vote, straight Republican, for McCain/Palin.

Today, please do the same.