Yesterday Layla and I made an all day trip to Paris, Texas to see our grandsons, Wesley and Will Culbertson, get baptized, 4-1/2 hours each way, but I sure went bed early last night, 8:30 PM and as I was dozing off I thought, This daylight savings time sucks!  Up early this morning, I was sitting in a tripod stand before sunup hoping to see a big buck, because wisps of fog were drifting around, the wind was light, the moon was still up, the rut was in full swing and I just knew that today was the day I was going to get a big one.

Hearing an “I’m around here” grunt, I readied myself for, hopefully a shot, but the first one around the feeder was a young spike that fed awhile.  Soon, a bigger, young buck, the side facing me looked like a 4 or 5 pointer, chased the little one off.  The little one walked toward my stand, walked right by me, but I declined a shot because I just knew a big buck was lurking near, so I passed.  Here’s a “shot”, taken on the afternoon of the 4th, of the spike I passed on.

When I came in from my hunt, told  Layla about the opportunity, she chided me saying, “I know you, you just didn’t want to clean him this morning!”  Answering her, I replied, ” Don’t worry, I’ll get him tomorrow morning and you can clean it for me.”

Glassing the young one, he only had one horn, obviously he was the victim of an earlier clash and came out second best.  This early morning “shot” shows the “unicorn” with only one horn.

Saturday afternoon, Colton and his girl friend, Lauren, came out and hunted in MaMaws blind and he shot a doe.  Holding the light for him, I heard Lauren utter a “Yuk,” when the guts plopped out, but I believe she’s going to be OK.

Sunday afternoon Tim Albee came out and hunted and on the shooting range, as he was checking out his iron sights, he saw a spike chasing a doe across the field on his right, and in true Army fashion, dropped it as it ran.