Turkey Season, 2013

Last Saturday, I opened the season right next to my “Corner Blind”, not in it, but within 50 feet of it.  No turkeys sounded, in fact, I didn’t see anything but my decoy, that’s pictured below.

Saturday afternoon was much different, jakes galore!  Two jakes, young gobblers not a year old, came around my decoy, not quite gobbling, but wait till next year!  The jakes were stretching out their necks to see where the clucking was coming from, but the pics didn’t turn out, all I got was clumps of grass.

Monday was taken up with a doctor visit, to treat a stupid mistake on my part.  Three weeks ago I’d applied the wrong medicine to an impending fever blister, then played 5 games of Senior Softball (my performance was great) with the wrong meds on my lip, not reading “Don’t Go Into The Sun” label on the tube, resulting with a “fried” lip!  Having been to the docs on March 20th, he started treating me on that day, but finally, today, the lips healing

Tuesday morning things changed.  Coming back from San Saba, around 9:30 AM, I passed my neighbor’s place.  In November two years ago, Randy had shot a nice buck in the “Corner Blind” and we called the neighbor to see if we could go on to his property to look for the buck.  See my post “[Deer Season, November 27, 2011, (Perseverance)]”.

Anyway, in the back of the field next to the tree line, there stood a hen turkey, having the windows rolled up I couldn’t hear her, but she must have been clucking.  Then, from the other end of the field, running as fast as their short legs could take them, 3 small turkeys were running to the mother bird.  Thinking that she must have been bred in mid January, really early, with a 28, day gestation period for wild turkey eggs, the little ones must have been 3 to 4 weeks old, wow.

As I continued my drive, still watching the small turkeys, I noticed movement in front of my truck, then a gobbler nervously hopped over the fence on to my property and scurried into the thick stuff!  Another wow, but lightning was popping around and it looked like rain and I had work to do and couldn’t mess with turkey hunting, but by Friday the rain should have abated and I should be finished with the work!

Then it started to rain and by Wednesday PM we’d gotten over 1-1/2 inches, more rain the end of this week so, maybe, the current drought will be broken!