Turkey Hunting Bust

No turkey hunting Wednesday afternoon, having just driven to northeast Texas from my place in Goldthwaite, however, Wesley, my grandson, was playing Pony League baseball that evening, he’s 13 now and one of the stars on his team (and in the league too)! The team is blessed with good coaches, young guys that really know their stuff, they put this all together for a win Wednesday and Wesley was scheduled to pitch on Friday night, but that’s another story.

Thursday morning, a very beautiful morning, Paul Culbertson and I went out to his place for a try at an eastern turkey, “a try” was the key words. We arrived about 5 minutes late, the sun was just peeking over the horizon and the big birds had already left their roosts. Hurriedly we built a ground blind, settled in it and even though we were a tad late, let out 3 crow caws, but no turkey response!

We saw, nor heard a turkey and sat in the blind until around 9:30 AM, then went back to his cabin for a bite of breakfast. Our hunger satisfied, at 11:30 we went back out to the ground blind, the turkeys usually coming to the feeder around noon, but again, no turkeys, they picked this morning not to come around. However all was not lost, we still had Friday morning and our plans were to be out before sun up, improve our blind a little, then entice a bird to come in.

Thursday afternoon and evening were spent watching my grandson, Will, play Little League baseball, Will’s 9, really just learning, but he has a lot of fun and he will be a good one too! Friday morning, 5:30 AM, thunder blaring, Suzanne woke me with, “Dad, it’s raining, thundering and lightning. What about today’s hunt?” “Wake me at 6:30 and we’ll see”, was my sleepy reply. The thunder rumbled, rain poured down, then down came dime size hail, this ended our mornings hunt, north wind blowing 15-20 MPH, almost 2 inches of rain, this also rained out Wesley’s game.

All was not lost, because Suzanne, Paul and I, ate Mexican food for lunch, spent Friday afternoon shopping and the boys and I packed up and headed for Plano, where Layla was running a Senior Softball tournament. Both boys will work and help her with the tournament and Sunday afternoon Suzanne will pick them up.

No turkeys Thursday, rain, hail and lightning Friday, a definite bust, but there’ll be other chances too!