Turkey Hunting

On April 2, before turkey season opened on the 4th, dutifully doing my scouting, I called up this magnificent Rio Grande gobbler and snapped this picture when he was ten feet from me.

Saturday morning, high wind and all, I was in a good “hide”, had my decoy out, was calling and awaiting “big boy” to show up. He didn’t show and I didn’t see a bird. Same results the afternoon of the 7th.

Tuesday at 10:00 AM I was walking over to work in my garden when I saw movement in my field, about 400 yards away. Getting my binocs and camera, sure enough it was a hen, turkey, strolling and nibbling across the plowed ground. That black, dot, just below the cows, is the hen. It figures, Layla and I both had doctor appointments Tuesday afternoon in Temple, so, no hunting. I’ll be out tomorrow though!