The Water Trough, September 15, 2011

During the past week, some new, big deer moved into the area.  The first to show was this hefty, 9 pointer, a nice deer with a fine rack even though we’re in a crippling drought, probably 5 or 6 years old!
Then a portly 8 showed up.  This is probably the same one as in my post of [August 20th], “The Water Trough”.  He hasn’t been around for a while, but it looks like his other source of water dried up.

On the 10th, here’s the big 9 walking up while a spotted fawn gets a drink.

Then, early in the morning of the 11th, this 7 or 8 came up.  This is a new deer, it appears to have a palmated rack on both sides and hasn’t been around before, but he’s showing his age, a nice little pot belly and his back is beginning to get a “sway” in it.

Then on the morning of the 12th, this 7 or 8 came in to water.  He’s a different one from the palmated buck. His rack on the right is a little squshed in, obviously a victim of the protracted drought and from his position at the trough, it’s hard to get a count on it.