The Water Trough, August 8, 2011

Around central Texas, water is real scarce.  The stock tanks are drying up and if we could find a hoof print, there wouldn’t be any water in it because it had dried up too!  However, the water trough is attracting more wildlife, Tuesday night just past midnight, this doe looks wary and startled because of the gray fox, but neither of the animals are enemies, so the fox looks like it couldn’t be concerned.

Now, how about a quiz?   As this spike walks away from the water trough, how many deer are in the picture?  Look closely!

Wednesday morning this fox squirrel couldn’t resist gettin’ a drink.  Squirrels have a fondness for corn, acorns and pecans, but because of the drought there’s not much nut production, so it just settled for a drink.

The water trough is attracting more wildlife.  Wednesday afternoon this doe and her 2 spotted fawns stopped by for a drink, then this roadrunner thought it would wet it’s whistle.  No apparent animosity between the bird and the deer.

Early Friday morning, the 29th, a new spike showed up.  With the lack of moisture, food for deer is spotty at best and this year we are setting a record for spikes and scraggly racks.  This spike has some form to his horns, so maybe he’s just a quirk, will grow some horns next year and will survive this hunting season?

Just after midnight on August 4th, as his buddy was getting a drink, possibly a new buck showed up.  He sure doesn’t have the potbelly of the big, 6, pointer.  And, speaking of the devil, the big 6 showed up an hour later.  There’s not much food for these bucks, hence the poor antlers and added to that, we’ve never seen so many spikes!