The Water Trough, August 20, 2011

After trying out 2 different, 4 GB, HC cards and finding out that the particular cards  work in my camera, but they won’t work in my game cameras, I finally got back into the business of monitoring the water trough.  Having ordered a new camera, I’ll just use the 4 GB cards in it and take advantage of the one hour of video, anyway, as Shakespeare once wrote, “All’s well that ends well.”

Sunday afternoon the 14th, around 3:00 PM, I put the 2 GB, HD card in the game cam at the water trough and not much later 4 doe and 2 fawn showed up.  You have to look for two of the deer, but the 4 at the trough are easy to spot.

The action picked up around before 9:00 PM on the 15th, when this lopsided buck showed up.  This guy is a new one around here and the “weather affect” has gotten the best of his horns!

Then around an hour later this 8 pointer, along with a spike showed up.  This is the first identifiable, good buck that I’ve seen and it’s questionable if it may be the big 6 that was “shot” in my post of “[he Water Trough, August 8, 2011]”, but since both bucks have pot belly, they may be one in the same.  A couple of more “shots” should make the identification positive.

Last, just before sun up on the 15th, this mother coon and her kittens were walking, all lined up, along the edge of the trough.

After the debacle of the 4GB, HC cards, I was just making sure the game cam worked OK and the afternoon of the 15th, I swapped the 2GB, HD card out with another, so there’s only 2 days of “shots” on this one.