The Shooter

Bucks, white tail deer, do funny things, this buck that I shot on Saturday, November 9th was more interested in fighting than chasing doe, this was his downfall!  The second thing that led to his downfall was that he was hanging around the feeders too much, hanging around in broad daylight.

Opening morning, November 4th, Randy and I hunted and rattled in the tree stand along the back of the property, but didn’t see a shooter.  In fact we didn’t see anything!  Then on the second morning Wesley and I saw a lot of deer, several bucks, but still no shooter!

On November 6th this “shot” showed him checking in at another feeder, thinking he was safe since I had hunted this blind on opening day afternoon (and he didn’t come around then). This “shot” and the following “shots” were all taken on successive days.

The next “shot” shows the buck leaving the feeder on November 7th he thought, if bucks think, that he was double safe here.

This “shot” shows almost all of his 11 points.

Then on November 8th, back at the same feeder, feeling real safe, this “shot” caught him.

My guess is that he was 5-1/2 or 6-1/2 years old.  Mickey Donahoo will do the taxidermy and he will age him then.

On Saturday the buck made a fatal mistake, he came to a grunt call and I was left with this picture of him laid out in the back of my truck!  Bucks do the stupidest things when they’re rutting!