The Corn Feeders, January 14, 2012

As the end of our special, extended doe and spike season nears, (Sunday, 30 minutes after sunset), a lot of wildlife, deer of course, come around the corn and protein feeders.  Young bucks come by, some after dark like this young 8 pointer.  He’s been seen before, in fact I’ve seen him twice, both times when I hunted (camera less) out of MaMaw’s blind.

The squirrels and dove come around regularly, but this “shot” shows 2 birds that I can’t identify.  The back one may be a female cardinal, but I’ve not seen any of them around for the past couple of weeks, however, the one in the foreground has me stumped.

This “shot” is of a coon bowin’ up to a red fox, the coon, in spite of its bluster, beat a retreat, leaving the field to the fox.
This young buck, a 6 pointer, has figured out that if he wants corn, to raise up and balance himself with his forepaws, then use his nose, or tongue, to turn the feeder spindle, making the corn come out.  This feeder, by the tree stand, is nearing empty, so the buck’s efforts may be to no avail, but this fellow has a lot of practice rooting the feeder in front of MaMaw’s blind.
Finally, this cottontail rabbit stopped by to try the corn that is very scarce at this feeder.