The Corn Feeder, August 15, 2011

Finally getting the high protein deer food mixed with corn, the second feeder is set up and throwing, a game camera will also be set up soon.  The 20% protein pellets seem to work well with the spin feeder, especially since it’s hyper-dry around here because in the past, sometimes the pellets would gather moisture, clogging up the feeder, slim chance of that now.

In the morning, at softball practice last week, Mickey Donahoo and I tasted the protein pellets, basically they were dry and tasteless, ugh!  We have both found that dog biscuits are much more, moist and quite tasty!

Look closely at the picture, scattered about is the corn and, looking real close, some of the protein pellets are visible, now, however, the deer have responded to the feeder and are really cleaning up the corn and protein.

We are covered up with spikes, it’s probably from the lack of moisture and food for the bucks and at least 5 have been identified and they won’t make it until next year!

Finally seeing a young buck with good antler formation, the best I’ve seen so far, maybe he’s been getting healthy food somewhere?  I’ll be sure to tell everybody not to shoot him too!