The Boss Is Back

Last Sunday afternoon I heard a familiar buzzing, turned to the side and there was a male hummingbird, a black chinned hummingbird, the common kind we see around here. Checking my past year’s records the hummers usually show up between April 3rd and 7th, so this one, on April 4th was right on time!

Fixing the birds food and putting up one feeder, who showed up but “The Boss”. Black chinned hummers live for around seven years so we’re pretty sure that its “The Boss”. Here “The Boss” is taking care of bidness!

We had a cool spell blow in on Wednesday and the lows tonight will be in the mid 30’s with a chance of frost in the lower places, not cold enough to bother the hummers. Already having to mow the yard once, its already time again. I’ll plant the garden next week and within the last five days I’ve had to replace the hummingbird food twice!

Hello summer!