Texans Come Up Short In Phoenix

Last week, Stumpy and the Texans traveled to Phoenix to play in the Senior Softball National Championships. Everyone arrived on Sunday, October 18th and was greeted by 101 degree, temperature. This was a new record for that date! Luckily a dry front came through during the night and our tournament was played in ideal weather, light wind and mid 80’s for the highs. This particular front dumped two inches of rain on central Texas!

The Texans haven’t been playing well lately, not driving the ball and not playing good defense, hence, we finished fourth with three wins and four losses. There weren’t many bright spots. Several players hit well; Jack, Eldon, Chuck, Gary, Phil, our MVP, and Stumpy, who had thirteen hits in nineteen at bats with ten RBI’s!

There’s one more tournament this year and it’s in Las Vegas in mid November, right in the middle of the first week of deer season, which means Stumpy won’t be there. After Stumpy’s injuries piled up this year; a pulled groin, kidney stones and facial surgery for skin cancer, he topped it all off with a “ruined” ankle, courtesy of a line drive. Running the bases, he thought he had jumped high enough for it to miss him. He jumped just high enough for it to whack his ankle. That was last Tuesday and he is still limping around!

Better luck next year!