Texan 70’s Rolling

On March 28 and 29, Stumpy’s team the Texan 70’s won their second consecutive qualifier tournament, “The Texas Legends Memorial” in Irving, Texas. Friday’s weather was cold temp of 50, drizzle and 25 MPH wind and Saturday improved with no wind or drizzle, but cloudy with a temp of 62.

They lost their first game 19-17 to the Oklahoma Blast, but swept the next 5. Their run to the tournament championship featured 4 “run rule” games where they out scored their opponents 88-9 and they evened things up with the Blast giving them a 15-0 shellacking!

One of the highlights for the Texans was an oddity not seen often in 70+, softball. In the 4th inning of the last game: Keith Mixon led off with a home run, followed by Eldon Brast duplicating the feat, Charley Gamble hit the third and after 2 hard hit outs, Dick Bullock hit the inning’s 4th homer! Howard Hill and Jack Romero also homered in the game.

The “happy homer hitters” are pictured above. Back row is Charley Gamble from Houston, left, Eldon Brast from Dallas and Howard Hill from Houston. Front row is Keith Mixon from Pasadena, left, Jack Romero from Arlington and Dick Bullock from Rockwall.

Stumpy, pictured, contributed with a triple off the wall and hit .625 for the event. He was quoted as saying, “I was awful in this one!” Their next tournament is April 12 and 13 in Mustang, Oklahoma.

The Texan 70’s record after 3 tournaments now stands at 12 wins and 3 losses!