Sweet Potatoes

We enjoy sweet potatoes several times a week. They’re healthy, provide fiber and are low on fat. Yesterday, for lunch, we tried something a little different.

At lunch, Layla and I split a t-bone, but of course she got the tender side. Along with the steak, we had green chilies and onions and we halved a sweet potato. Now, regular potatoes are a natural with steak, but being on a healthy eating kick and trying to loose weight, we thought we’d have a sweet potato too.

It turned out that the sweet potato was great with the steak and green chilies and onions, I even mixed all three together in one bite and the taste was excellent! Sweet potatoes are easy to prepare in the microwave. Just puncture the skin several times, place in the microwave, cover with a paper towel and cook for five minutes. Take the potato out of the mic, cut open and apply a butter substitute. They are very, very tasty.

Now for the green chilies and onions. Clean and slice up a fist sized onion, then take a good sized skillet and with the electric stove on low/simmer, or the gas stove burner set on real low, put a half of a stick of butter into the skillet, then, add the onions, cover and simmer for a few minutes, until the onions turn glassy looking, or lose their whiteness. Then, take a can of diced, Ortega chilies and add to the onion/butter mix and cook for ten more minutes. Serve hot, feeds two, double or triple recipe for more folks, are great over steaks and scrambled, eggs and probably will “go along” with almost anything.

Sunday afternoon, we also made some home made, peach ice cream, with peaches off one of our trees, used skim milk, along with Splenda, but, I don’t think I’ll try to put any green chilies and onions on the ice cream. One of these days, I’ll post the recipe for our peach ice cream too.