Stumpys On The DL

In Baytown, Texas, last weekend, the Texans played in a rain, abbreviated tournament. This was the third we had tried to play, the first in Georgetown was rained out, the second in Irving was played in miserable conditions, cold and high winds, and finally, for a change, last Friday, bright sunshine greeted us for the first pitch in Baytown.

Stumpy was on the DL with a pulled groin and contributed to the Texans’ three wins and no loss record by coaching third base. Yeah, a three and oh, record, because by 7:00 PM Friday evening a low pressure area moved over the Houston Metro area and dumped over four inches of rain on our fields, thus ending the tournament!

The three wins moved our record for the year to six and two. Our next try will be in Pensacola, Florida, on May 15 and Stumpy’s groin should be recovered by then.

Even if we don’t play, we can load up on the fried mullet!