State Baseball Tournament

Layla and I spent this past weekend in Hillsboro, Texas watching our Grandson, Colton and his team from Goldthwaite play in the Texas Teen-Age Baseball-Softball Association’s, High School Eligible, State Championship, Tournament. Colton just finished the 8th grade and will be a freshman soon, but he was eligible to play.

There were 21, Class A, AA and AAA teams in the tournament. Goldthwaite (Class A) tied for third with West (Class AA). Rosebud-Lott (Class AA), beat Goldthwaite 4-3 in the semi-finals and later on won the tournament, with Vanguard, a Christian High School in Waco coming in second. The smaller high school, Goldthwaite, did very well!

Colton didn’t play a lot and wasn’t a star, but it was a good experience for him and here, against Italy (Class A), he is “pulling the trigger” on a fastball that he drove into left field for a base hit, driving in a run.
Here he’s finished his swing and is moving on to first base.


Football, 2-a-days, start next Monday and Colton, 5”9” and 185, with 5.0 or 4.9, 40 yard speed, is rarin’ to go! We’ll follow his progress closely.