Trying to keep up with some of the best “lines” that I have posted, I’ve researched them and come up with, not the best, or the funniest, but different categories that very from profound to confounded.

Sometimes I write profound statements:

The most important thing is thanking God every day for his blessings; His Grace, our family, our jobs our health, our friends and our wonderful Country!

One thing remains a constant, our country’s freedom is more important than politics or political correctness!
I believe every star in our hemisphere was out too!

Today, our country is on a very, slippery slope! When are all of us going to wake up, or is it too late?

Nothings better than a Son getting a deer on his first hunt!

Sometimes it’s about the weather:

Four degrees wind chill, along with snow, was almost too much for me!

About this snow, this is central Texas, not Iowa. Am I going to have to get me a snow shovel?

Sometimes I try to be funny:

“That makes 4 deer and one buzzard you’ve hit. This Suburban qualifies for ‘Ace’!

We ate the pheasant that night, Houston continued its sprawl, and now, this once prime hunting area is a golf course! At least it’s not a shopping center!

Laughing, we told Jake, “That rearing horse looked like Roy Rogers and Trigger! Ride ‘em cowboy!” And, off he galloped into the darkness back towards Scottsdale Road.

A thankless job was cleaning out the outhouse! I don’t remember ever doing that chore.

Sometimes it’s about sports or exercise:

At least walking works up a good sweat!

It would be something if each mornings walk would be this exciting!

Who knows what will happen when you play with a round ball and a round bat on a square field?

Our next tournament will be in Pensacola on May 15, if it rains we can still load up on the fried mullet!

Sometimes it’s indecision:
Once, we jumped a black bear, did not offer chase, or try to “count coup” on him and the dogs also showed no inclination to give chase.

It’s always unnerving to run into a rattler, and this was no exception, so we called a break and headed to town for an early lunch!

Someone once said, “The best deer blind is your back porch!”

Sometimes I just get confounded:

I never thought about taking a picture of the calf in the hog trap!

The boys and I “snuck” back in once but we felt very awkward carrying our shotguns through our neighbor’s backyards.

Having put all of this together, now I can go back to the football game!