Senior Softball, 2011

We’ve already heard around town that the old guys are at it again. Even though the Senior Softball season doesn’t officially start until February 18th (weather permitting) in Pasadena, Texas, for Mickey Donahoo and I our season started yesterday. Last year our seasons ended in October, so we’ve had a 90 day, respite from our avocation.

At 1:15 PM we met at the high school baseball park and kicked off, (a poor choice of words, but this is a football town), our Senior Softball season for 2011 and were greeted by temps in the high 60’s, very little wind and a bright clear sky. Today the weatherman is smiling on us with more of the same except the temp will reach 75. Based on our ten day, weather forecast, it’ll be raining tomorrow, but Sunday and Monday look OK for workouts, then the cold and rain start up for 5 days.

We warmed up, stretched, played catch, then took 30 swings apiece and for the first day, our timing wasn’t that bad! This morning when I got up and rode my stationary bike, I wasn’t too sore, my right arm felt good, but the “swinging muscles” in my back were a little tight.

This year our season will again run until mid October, with a 2 week, break until deer season. We do have a 6 week overlap with Goldthwaite’s high school football season, but, being dedicated football fans, we’ll both work around it!