Monday morning, on my way to town, on my ranch, not 400 yards from our house, there stood a beautiful 10, point buck, an easy B&C 160 pointer. The morning was cool, his neck wasn’t swollen and he was just standing watching me drive by. Of course, by the time I got my camera up, he had trotted into the thick stuff. The last time I saw him was about a month ago in our hay field. Too bad for him if I seem him this Saturday!

The last 2 mornings, I’ve been sitting in deer stands trying to determine deer movement. Yesterday, when I climbed up into the tree stand, a spike was feeding in the food plot, but my creaking up the ladder spooked him off and I didn’t get a ‘shot’. But, here came a squirrel passing through and I got a good ‘shot’ of him.
The condition of the food plot is awful. The oats are barely discernable and after getting a perfect rain two days after planting, we’ve gone 3 weeks without a drop. The oats are up but really need moisture, and to compound the problem, the deer are clipping the young shoots off.
This morning I was sitting a corn feeder and got a ‘shot’ of 2 deer picking up the kernels.
I’ll be back out Wednesday afternoon and maybe, ‘Big Boy’ will stop by?