Scouting, March 26,27, 2010

Last Friday and Saturday morning, rather than sleeping in, I greeted the sun peeking over the horizon. Each time I was in a different spot trying to pinpoint turkey movement. Friday, when the sun was half up, I heard one gobble, then on Saturday after blasting a “come here call” on my crow call, another one (probably) sounded off. Both birds were along a creek south of my property.

Later Friday morning, nervously, a deer walked out, constantly looking behind it.


Soon, here came the family group, eight all told, but they caught me moving the camera and jumped back into the thick stuff! It was almost like a deer circus!

Saturday morning, after a couple of “blows” on the crow call, a deer walked across an opening and went on its way, I thought.

Then two cows walked by and I got this “shot” of them.

Thinking that with all the movement around my spot, why not really crank down on the predator call and see what happens. After a dozen or more squeals, I noticed movement to my front, slipped the safety off of my twelve gauge, slowly raised the shotgun and what did see, but the yearling, deer peeping around a cedar tree. It continued peeping until I tried to get a picture of it, then it crossed an opening and was gone!

At least these two gobblers should stay in our area for the nest week.