Scouting For Turkeys

The sovereign State of Texas, for some reason, broke years of tradition, and is opening spring Turkey season on March 29! I had really fouled myself up by, not carefully reading my 2007/08 State, hunting and fishing regs, and committing to play in a Senior Softball tournament in Irving on March 28 and 29. I just “knew” the season would start April 5. I have missed out, but Brad is coming over to pick up the slack!
Last Saturday morning I spent several hours in “The Scaffold Blind.

I was watching and listening for some Turkey movement in that area. I heard several but didn’t see one. They came off of the roost, probably 600 yards east of my blind, but moved south, away from me.


Monday morning found me in a hide about 200 yards north of a spring fed creek on the east side of my ranch. I was hoping the Turkeys were roosting along it.

Obviously, the Turkeys had not roosted along this creek, because I didn’t see or hear one.

My Truck was “kinda” hidden and as I walked up to it, I glanced up in some old oak trees along my spring fed creek and came to a sudden stop, Turkeys in the trees?


Closer inspection revealed they were, what we call down here, Turkey Buzzards. Sitting in trees like that could be dangerous this time of year! I took a picture of them anyway.

Still having Wednesday and Thursday mornings, before my tournament starts on Friday morning, to scout, I’m confident I’ll find the big birds!