Scouting, 10-17-08

Thursday, Brad and I cleared out the underbrush from around Layla’s blind, so Friday morning I was out early to check things out. To the front of her blind is a corn feeder and the left side overlooks a two food plots. There was good deer movement in the area including 2 nice, bucks that wouldn’t oblige me for a picture.

A doe and her two yearlings came into the feeder and I took a ‘shot’. I figured that it was too early for a picture, but what the heck!

Last Friday, Brad and I planted oats in all five of the food plots and God was great furnishing rain on Monday and Tuesday and by Thursday morning the oats were up and the deer had already found the tender shoots. This early morning picture shows a doe enjoying the new sprouts. I was still afraid it was too dark get this ‘shot’.

After getting out of the blind, I noticed movement to my right and looked over at a doe that was wondering what that old guy was doing climbing down out of that funny box. I got a good ‘shot’ of her.
The bucks are still running together, but this week I found the first rubs and scrapes. Things are starting to heat up!