Sailfish In Mazatlan Harbor

My second or third trip to Mazatlan yeilded this picture of a Sail clearing the water inside the harbor. Looking closely you can see the mainland in the background on the east side of harbor. The left, or west side, is dominated by a mountain that reminded me of Gibraltar.


On this trip the Captain put the lines out when we were about 600 yards away from the dock. The fish hit almost immediately and put on quite an aerial display, making 5 or 6 jumps and “greyhounding” for almost 100 yards.

The Sailfish on the wall of my den in Paradise Valley, Az.

The Sail weighed 110 pounds and was 97 inches long. I had it mounted, but sadly it was destroyed in 1983 when a tornado in north Houston, hit the storage shed where it was stored. A trailer park was right next to the shed and it was completely destroyed killing 2 people.