This past weekend Layla and I held a Senior Softball tournament in Baytown, Texas, a suburb on the east side of Houston. On Saturday, Stumpy and his Texans won their age division, defeating both the Texas Greyhounds and the 75year old, Texas Classics. Both of these teams are rated as super major, Senior Softball teams and The Texans, rated only as majors, played their best to win their part of the tournament.

Later, on Saturday afternoon while Stumpy was presenting awards to the San Antonio them that won their age division, he made a blunder. He mentioned that the Battleship, U.S.S. Texas was permanently moored right next to the San Jacinto Monument. Both monuments commemorate General Sam Houston’s victory on April 21, 1836 over Santa Anna, the Dictator of Mexico.

Stumpy, in a “historical” moment, mentioned the fact that not ten miles from where we were standing, in 1836 General Houston whipped Santa Anna’s butt. Wouldn’t you know it, the first team member to be honored with all-tournament honors was named Gonzales.

Stumpy ate his words!