On To Baytown

Today, Stumpy and The Texans are heading to Baytown, Texas for their third Senior Softball tournament of the year. New teams, new fields, a new year and all of this will take place within ten miles of where the Battle of San Jacinto, the birthplace of Texas liberty, took place. The battle was on April 21, 1836 and our tournament starts on, Friday, April 23rd.

Texans feel very strongly about this victory. General Sam Houston literally caught Emperor Santa Anna with his pants down, his being involved with “The Yellow Rose of Texas” during the Mexican’s siesta. The Texans charged and caught the entire Mexican force at rest and routed them. This earned our freedom from Mexico and established our Republic.

The battlefield is commemorated with a beautiful park on Independence Parkway, the U. S. Battleship, U.S.S. Texas, a veteran of WW I and WW II, moored at the park and an obelisk, the San Jacinto Monument, that happens to be taller than The Washington Monument (so much for bragging Texans). The rest is history.

Just think, my ancestors waited for nine years before they came to Texas!