Off To Paris

Paris, Texas that is. Today I’m beginning a journey that will take me, eventually, to the northeast part of our fine State, Paris, Texas.

This morning I’ll be driving to Austin to pick up Layla’s new Suburban, then up I-35, the scene of serious flooding this past Tuesday and Wednesday, to Alvarado, a neutral field, to watch Goldthwaite play Callisburg in football this evening. My Grandson, Colton, won’t be playing in this ones since three weeks ago, in Goldthwaite’s first scrimmage against Bangs, he suffered a broken, forearm. But, it’ll be a good game!

Back to the flooding, the stretch of I-35 from Austin to the Dallas metro got swamped this week. Thanks to tropical storm, Hermoine, up to 13” of rain, that was badly needed, fell, across the area. In Goldthwaite, the eye passed over near us and we only got slightly over 3”.

Why Paris? On Saturday morning, another Grandson, Wesley, age 11 will be playing in his first football game. Last I heard he was playing fullback. This past summer, Wesley finished fourth overall, nationally, in the 11 and 12 year old, tumbling events in the Junior Olympics, held in Virginia Beach, Va.! This is the same Wesley, that in my January 3, 2010 post, [“Wesley Breaks The Ice]”, shot his first deer on our place.

When I was younger, and gasoline was under $.35 per gallon, we thought nothing of driving half way across our fine, State to watch multiple football games in one day, now I’m watching Grandsons!