No Results So Far

Tuesday afternoon, even though it was 86 degrees and 25 MPH winds, I went and sat in a tree stand near a corn feeder, thinking that I would probably see some deer, maybe even a nice one.A nice one wasn’t to be found, but I did spy, and took a picture, of a young buck.                                                                                                                                                               This was the first one that had stood still for me since August 4, in my yard, near my compost pile, and, thinking back, since this stand is the nearest to our house, it could have been the same one.


Several doe came to the feeder and this young one couldn’t understand why the feeder had stopped throwing corn

We had a cool front come in early Thursday morning with .1 of rain and, to change my habits, I went out at 8:30 AM and stayed until 11:00. No luck and no camera ‘shots’. The big ones still aren’t moving, the does are bunched up and the rut around here hasn’t kicked off.
Who knows, maybe today?