My Sixth Deer Hunt

On my first deer hunt I was 12 years old and for the next 23 years I would only go on a total of 5 deer hunts, but my time in between wasn’t wasted because, some of the time with my two son’s, Brad and Randy, along, we’d hunted dove, quail ducks, geese and fished to my (and our) heart’s content all over our wonderful Country. My last post mentioned that in the fall of 1978, the week before deer season opened, I’d killed a buck in self defense, (see my post [“A Fight To The Finish”]). Then, two weeks later, going deer hunting (my 5th hunt), now I was going again in the same year, because Randy and I had been selected to participate in the Georgia Game and Fish’s, Sapelo Island Youth Hunt.

This was Randy’s hunt and we had a big time, the (State provided) food was good, the fellowship was wonderful and best of all, Randy got a nice deer. These deer on Sapelo Island, are Key deer, mostly found in Florida, that rarely weigh over 110#. However, now I’ve heard that feral hogs almost outnumber the deer with some of them going over 250#. Now both hogs and deer can be harvested!

The whole story of this hunt can be found on my July 24, 2007 post “[Buck Fever]”. In the story, Randy’s lows and highs are the same that every hunter goes through based on hits and misses, but seeing his reactions up close, gave me memories that I’ll cherish for all of my life!

After this hunt, the seed was definitely planted in my mind that, enjoying it or not, I’d better take up deer hunting.